Thermodata’s calibration laboratory is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by NVLAP; a program of the US National Institute Standards and Technology (NIST).

Thermodata's NVLAP Lab Code.

Thermodata specializes in the calibration of loggers and sensors.

A Calibration Certificate, valid for 12 months, is included with all our in-house calibrated loggers and sensors, indicating NVLAP accreditation and traceability to national standards in accordance with NIST HB 150-2016.

Benefits of Calibration

Our accreditation and certification complies with the requirements of quality systems and regulatory bodies worldwide.

Enhanced accuracy:
Thermodata’s calibrated sensors and loggers are accurate to ±0.1° C or ±0.25° C to suit customer requirements. Commonly available devices used for automated data collection generally have stated accuracies between ±0.5° C and ±1.0° C.

Assurance of accuracy:
Measuring devices tend to lose accuracy over time. Quality systems and regulations require annual recalibration of devices to assure continued accuracy. Thermodata’s annual replacement service provides assured accuracy of readings.

Thermodata’s sensors and loggers are used to pinpoint the time and place of events that may result in damage to sensitive items. Calibration and traceability of devices provides a reliable record of the event.

Annual Device Replacement

Re-calibration of monitoring devices generally requires either a visit by an on-site calibration technician or sending the device to an external laboratory, resulting in downtime.

Thermodata offers an annual replacement service for calibrated devices. On expiration of the Calibration Certificate for a device, a newly calibrated sensor or logger is provided and may be easily installed by a non-technical user, resulting in reduced operating expense and downtime.

Certification and Scope

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