About Us

Thermodata Corporation provides temperature monitoring solutions to help our clients, in the life sciences and food industries, manage the temperature of their perishable products to ensure quality and viability.

We understand that accurate temperature monitoring is vital and can often be a challenge. We solve those challenges by providing a highly reliable system that puts you in control of when, where and how to monitor and analyze your temperature critical equipment and products. Our cloud based system provides an easy to use and readily accessible way to analyze and share the substantial data collected by the sensors and loggers.

We are committed to developing reliable and accurate products. At the core is our innovative calibration laboratory that is accredited by NVLAP (NIST) and meets the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025. We specialize in the calibration of temperature loggers and sensors and offer precisely calibrated temperature monitoring devices with an accuracy of up to ±0.1° C, in the range of -40° to 150° C. Our aim is to continue pushing the boundaries of calibration for temperature and humidity measurements.

Our mission is to provide superior temperature monitoring solutions that improve the reliability, accountability, and profitability of our clients’ products and services in all industries.

Our Core Values


Act with purpose, pride, enthusiasm and enjoy everything we do.


Strive for creative ideas that have the potential to change the world.


Deliver quality products and services with the focus on customer needs.


Uphold our ethics and principles in every action and decision we make.


October 2010
Robert Keith and Jenny Samfat established Thermodata Corporation in Massachusetts, USA, with the emphasis on providing temperature monitoring solutions, consisting of innovative calibration methods, a centralized software environment and innovative hardware development.

March 2011
Calibration laboratory accredited by NVLAP, meeting the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025, for temperature in the range of -40° to 150° C, with an Uncertainty of Measurement (maximum accuracy) of ±0.03° C.

October 2012
NVLAP granted an improved Scope of Accreditation for our calibration laboratory, with an improved Uncertainty of Measurement (maximum accuracy) from ±0.03° C to ±0.01° C.

June 2013
Started collaboration with Dr. Denny Sakkas PhD, Director of Technology at Boston IVF Technologies (Boston, USA) to develop a solution for monitoring benchtop incubators at Boston IVF clinics.

October 2014
NVLAP granted an improved Scope of Accreditation for our calibration laboratory, with expanded temperature scope of -196° to 150° C, humidity and pressure.

January 2015
Released a beta version of Loggistix, our cloud software as a service.

January 2016
Launched the Thermodata Sentinel - the Wi-Fi fridge monitor.